Below are links to specific committee pages with access to community documents and information. (Note: Only HOA members registered on this site will be able to access certain pages.)



  • Manage the performance of the HOA’s landscaping maintenance contractor
  • Inspect the common areas, identify routine maintenance needs, and meet with the HOA’s landscaping maintenance contractor as needed
  • Respond to landscape maintenance issues reported to or noticed by HOA residents
  • Advise the Board of maintenance issues noted in the common areas

Design Review

The Design Review Committee (DRC) is responsible for enforcing the Association's design guidelines with respect to exterior modifications to homes and lots proposed by lot owners.

All changes, whether permanent or temporary, to the exterior appearance of your home or lot are subject to review and approval by the DRC. 


The Elections Committee assists the HOA Board in conducting elections in accordance with the requirements of the bylaws to include calling for nominees, providing advance notice of the election, drafting proxy document for approval by the HOA Board, sending the proxy document to homeowners, and administering the election (checking in owners, checking on their eligibility to vote, handing out and collecting ballots, counting votes with volunteer observers from the meeting attendees, etc.).

Neighborhood Watch 

The objective of the Neighborhood Watch Committee is to organize, educate, and train the HOA’s residents to be alert for potential crimes and crime prevention.

The Social Committee is expected to:
  • Create and implement social activities and events, with the goal of at least two events per year
  • Provide activities and/or events that will engage and involve HOA members
  • Provide occasional activity updates to the Board and community