Design Review

In general, any proposed modification or addition which changes any visual aspect of the home’s exterior or lot requires an application to the Design Review Committee (DRC). Please review the Architectural Guidelines and Standards for more information on the design review process. 

Work may only proceed after approval is granted by the DRC, or, after appeal, and subsequent approval is granted by the Board of Directors.

Repairs and maintenance with like materials that do not substantially change the color, material, or placement of the item to be repaired generally do not require an application to the DRC. 

When in doubt, email [email protected] for guidance.
To submit a Design Review Application:
  • Register on this website as a homeowner.
  • Read the Architectural Guidelines and Standards (below).
  • Complete the Design Review Application (below).
  • Prepare required attachments as applicable for the proposed modification or addition, e.g.: site plan, architectural drawings, photographs, and county-required permits.
  • Note: Applicants shall request signatures from adjacent neighbors on the Design Review Application, or make reasonable attempts to contact adjacent neighbors, indicating acknowledgement of the proposed modification. Neighbor signatures shall not be deemed as approval of the application, and neighbor refusal to sign may not be deemed as rejection.
  • Submit the complete application with all required attachments to [email protected], or email DRC to arrange hard-copy pickup.

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